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Over the last few years modem manufacturers have struggled to stretch the possibities of the capacity of existing telephone lines and use it for data communications with ever faster speeds.
Although every new modem is even faster then it's predecessor they all use the same techniques. But now this will change radically !
We at Amazing Devices are releasing a modem with a whole new thrilling technique that will save in costs, doesn't need telephone lines and is simple to operate: The Smoke Modem.
Okay it's not that environment friendly, but what the heck, does anyone REALLY care at all ?

"Sometimes you have to look in the past instead of thinking about the future. There's a chance you find briljant solutions that will fit in our technical era."
says one of the technical geniuses at Amazing Devices.

And indeed: by looking at the history of human communication we reconsidered the principal of using smoke to send messages from one place to another.
The indians used it with great success and although they where almost murdered by the smoke of modern guns we got fascinated by their invention.

"And it's also VERY usefull in places where other communication links are not available or very expensive. Like less populated areas." says one of the technical geniuses at Amazing Devices.
(and now stop interrupting me while I try to get my point accross or you'll be fired)

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