Congratulations on purchasing your own set of match sticks in one of our exclusive matching matchboxes ! Please take a minute to read this manual to ensure proper and optimal usage of our product and to minimize dissatisfying results and/or possible harm to our users and/or third parties and/or any property thereof. Although we have put a lot of effort into ensuring you, our most valued customers, a safe and satisfying experience in using our product we do want to stress that improper handling of the product by not following the exact guidelines as set out in this manual could result in aforementioned consequences.

The picture above shows the various parts of the product, enumerated A to E. The side of the box marked A should feature a picture with our established brand name. If this isn't the case please turn the box around now before proceeding. Failure to do so will probably result in emptying the contents of the matchbox in a premature matter probably rendering one or more matches less useable. While holding the matchbox (tm) between index finger and thumb at the sides (E) and apply slight pressure. Now put your other index finger on the smaller side of the box, marked B in the picture. Slowly push side B until the holder of the matches slides out of it's encasing. Holder C should appear on the other side and in a newly purchased matchbox three layers of matches should appear. Every individual match should look resemble the following description: A long wooden stick, D1, topped with a reddish, yellow or brown head: D2. If the head of the stick (D2) is charred this indicates a potentially used match. Used matched can be disposed of in the trash and as a rule of thumb should never be stored in the matchbox. Take one (1) of the matches out of the box by picking it up at the wooden end (D1) of the match. Note: do not pick up the match at the head (D2) as this could result in damaging the match. Should you experience any trouble reaching the matches remember it's not necessary to push or apply pressure to side B once the match holder has been shifted out of the encasing. Hold the matchbox and match at a relaxed arm length distance away from you and away from any other (inflammable) objects. Press the match with the top/head end (D2) onto the rough surface E, applying a little pressure. Too much pressure will result in snapping the match resulting in a shortened match. Shortened matches are unsafe to use. Please dispose matches of improper length, refrain from using them. Slide the match with a little speed away from you over surface E. Please remember: never slide the match over surface E in your direction, always slide it away from you. The match should now light up. Don't be alarmed, a certain initial flare and hissing sound is perfectly normal. Most first time users will have to practice a little to master the correct amount of pressure and speed while striking the match on the rough surface (E).