Pictures of Dynamo 1997

This is us: Appie, Brommer, Freek, Paul & Theo (yes thats alphabetical) enjoying something very rare: a mostly sunny version of Dynamo.

Except Appie, the rest of the gang makes up most of the metal band Odium (and YES, _this_ is a shameless plug).
Because they don't have a life, three of them also formed the band NotTheRamones.
And now for.... the horror show.
Owww.. don't forget to check out the official Dynamo site.

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Theo's impression of ehm... whatever... Tough Theo (soon to be Wet & Tough, watch Freek :-)

Paul is very proud of the successful outcome of his quest for ehrm... food ?

A washed out trio (Paul, Brommer & Appie)

Impression of Dynamo guests & good weather (wowie)

Don't mess with them vikings (they may puke all over ya)

Theo is having a shower

Correct clothing required

Landscape acne

Theo & Appies romantic lunch

Paul REALLY needed to wash himself

Brommer expresses his one and only wish: world peace (Theo flees)

It's all of us !

How cute....