Blimey, sometimes I do seem to have taken the time to write stuff down.

I think a lot about stuff, I talk with people, I do listen too sometimes :)

In a fit of boredom, inspiration or whatever it seems that i've actually blotted down some of these ramblings too. Not all of them are that serious and not all of them are really about what actually does move me at the moment or what should be coursing through my cognitive organ.
Not even all of it is in English either, shock.

However, these are the voyages of my fingers as they just happened to be plodding along some keys in a spare moment.

If you think i'm an idiot, you're free to, if you're think I keep on bashing subjects I shouldn't touch: you're free to (and you're an idiot).
Thats as far as I want to go regarding any disclaimer material.

I dumped one or two rants here because I forwarded the location of the text to someone or the other for sharing as much as for feedback. If anyone subscribes any megalomaniac superiority complex snobbist self indulging motives to me please do specify which of my actual 15 minutes of fame I did aspire to or have enjoyed without me knowing (there seems to be going on a lot of that without me knowing _anything_ however much i keep on whining, something is definitely out there and probably out to get me too at that, larks.)

In the meantime I live (or try to) and learn while being proud of the fact that the more we're being taught and lectured, the more we learn that we know so very little but at least we're able to describe our supreme ignorance in a wealth of knowledgable words.